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As the frontman of one of the most eclectic pop bands in South Africa, for the last 11 years Pierre Greeff has been leading Die Heuwels Fantasties into all sorts of uncharted waters, most recently having to build a lockdown-style album launch from scratch and executing it to perfection.

From the early days of shooting music videos on the road with little to no money, to how vital MK was in the formation of their audience, Pierre chats about DHF’s journey from their iconic self-titled debut release, to their latest genre-blending opus, 2021.

Outro Song: “Ons Moet Leef ”  Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

Featured tracks:

Pille vir Kersfees: Apple Music Spotify 

Klein Tambotieboom: Apple Music Spotify 

Vinger Alleen Apple Music Spotify 

Leja (Live) Apple Music Spotify 

A special thanks to Die Heuwels Fantasties and their team for the ridiculous usage of their music in bringing this pod to life. 

Extra reading:

Liefde by die Dam


Supra Familias 

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