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PHFAT (real name Mike Zietsman) is a rapper and producer, who has held the attention of audiences in South Africa, and around the world, for almost a decade with his versatile discography and consistent touring schedule. 

Establishing himself as a commercial heavyweight early on in his career – it’s been his darker and less radio-friendly work that’s set him apart over the last few years, with his latest singles being some of his best work to-date.

From understanding the new normal forced upon us by Covid-19, to demonetizing his music on streaming platforms, PHFAT talks frankly about owning his processes and dreams in the constant pursuit of creative perfection.

Outro Song: Whatever You Like  Apple Music Spotify Youtube

Featured Tracks:

Running in My Mind – PHFAT  Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Catherine – PHFAT Apple Music Spotify Youtube


Keep You Safe – PHFAT x Mac Motel Apple Music Spotify YouTube

The Big Five – PHFAT feat. Fuzzy Slipperz Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Lights Out – PHFAT feat. Jungfreud Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Suedes – PHFAT Apple Music Spotify YouTube

MASSIVE shout out to Smooth Mike aka PHFAT for the generous use of his music in bringing this podcast to life. 

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