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Jackie Queens is a Zimbabwean-born artist and writer who, apart from lending her voice to some of the most scintillating South African house tracks, aims to challenge the status quo of the music industry’s perspective on that role women play in its success. 

With Projects like GIRLS and #WomenOfHouse, she provides a platform to artists that are often unseen, and in doing so, fulfils a crucial role in the education of our music scene at large and for that – we are proper fans.

Leaving her native Zimbabwe for the hustle and bustle of London, this beat siren fell in love with house and upon returning to Africa, gradually began her own musical education after a chance Gumtree encounter set her on a path to become the Queen of Afro-house music. 


Outro Song: Back to Us (Radio Edit) Apple Music Spotify Youtube

Featured Tracks:

Run feat. Core Wreckah – Jackie Queens SoundCloud

Conqueror (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) – Jackie Queens Apple Music Spotify 

Departed feat. Jackie Queens – Cepta SoundCloud

Interludishness – Jackie Queens SoundCloud

Sphiwe – Enoo Napa and Jackie Queens Apple Music Spotify 

MASSIVE shout out to Jackie Queens for the generous use of her music and support in bringing this podcast to life.

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