Styled by Ray-Ban

Here at Texx Talks, we constantly strive to spotlight authentic music trailblazers, which is why we’re stoked to have Texx Talks styled by Ray-Ban this summer, helping us in our pursuit of featuring artists who aren’t afraid to be their authentic selves.

That’s why at Texx Talks, we couldn’t be happier or prouder to be joining forces with Ray-Ban this Summer. 

Ray-Ban is your reflection in the mirror of your truest self, it’s the shade on a hot summer’s day, it is your own focus regardless of any spotlight that may be on you. 

Together, Texx Talks and Ray-Ban are saying: if you’ve got a challenge for us, no matter what it is – You’re On. 

You can’t predict the light. But with Texx Talks and Ray-Ban you are always ready to capture it by living each day in the moment. You’re On.

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