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Lira is a bonafide South African music legend. She is a multi-platinum selling and 11-times South African Music Award-winning, Afro-Soul vocalist who fuses elements of funk and jazz to create music that is both wholly unique and emotionally stirring.

From performing for Mabida, to representing us on multiple worldwide stages, to having a Barbie doll made in her honour, this woman really has done it all and she is a warm and welcoming inspiration to the next generation of vocalists.  

Unpacking her drive and determination to succeed whilst grappling with being a private person, Lira has forged a generation-defining career peppered with many, many firsts. 

Outro Song: Brave Heart  Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Featured Tracks:

Unique – Lira  Apple Music Spotify 

Dream – Lira Apple Music Spotify 

All My Love – Lira Apple Music Spotify 

Feel Good – Lira Apple Music Spotify 


MASSIVE shout out to Lira for the generous use of her music and support in bringing this podcast to life.


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