Yanga Chief is a SAMA-winning rapper and entrepreneur who’s built a reputation for delivering sharp lyricism and cutting edge visuals. 

This jack of all trades started out as a video director, and songwriter of anthems that would go on to become South African radio staples, before deciding to focus on his own career, starting a record label and most recently, releasing his debut album that reinforces his affinity for highlighting his heritage. 

Hailing from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, Yanga takes us on a journey from his hometown to The City Of Gold where he discovered that failure is the ultimate prerequisite for success.

Set List:

Yanga Mntase – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

BBAF – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Utatakho – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Ndiyabayinka – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

A massive shout out to Yanga Chief for the generous use of music in bringing this podcast to life. 

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