Coldcut is a DJ duo who rose to acclaim in the mid-’80s through production and remix work for a number of modern rock, hip hop, and dance outfits.

It wouldn’t be amiss to call them pioneers of the UK’s electronic dance scene, while also being technological trendsetters, and a unifying force in underground experimental electronic music, through their eclectic radio show.

From being a part of pirate radio in the late ‘80s, to their underground adoption of hip hop techniques via their pioneering use of technology, Coldcut is the vanguard of experimental electronic production across multiple mediums and their latest collaborative initiative, Keleketla!, Keleketla! is an expansive project, reaching outward from Johannesburg to London, Lagos, L.A. and West Papua.

Outro Song: International Love Affair Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Set List:

Say Kids, What Time is It? Apple Music Spotify Soundcloud

(I’m) In Deep feat. Mark E Smith Ninja Tune Store

Timber – Coldcut and Hexstatic Ninja Tune Store

Swift Gathering Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Future Toyi Toyi Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Freedom Groove Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Papua Merdeka Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Extra Reading:

Keleketla Library

Keleketla Documentary

Massive shout out to Coldcut and Ninja Tune for the generous use of their music in bringing this podcast to life.

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