Praiz is one of the new icons in Nigerian R&B who is part of a generation that is asserting the nation’s creativity on a global scale.

His sound is the perfect mix of R&B, hip hop, alternative jazz and Afro-fusion, and he weaves together all these genre’s threads with his smooth vocal timbre that’s made him a household name in Nigeria and around the world.

From his formative years following his family as they travelled around his home country, to his humble, measured approach to dealing with the ups and downs of fame, Praiz continues to nurture the seed that Nigeria’s musicians have planted on a global scale. 

OUTRO TRACK:  To the Moon  Apple Music Spotify 

Set List: 

Rich and Famous – Apple Music Spotify 

EPIC: MI feat. Praiz – Apple Music Spotify 

That Stupid Song: BEZ feat. Praiz – Apple Music Spotify 

Super Hero – Apple Music Spotify 

69: feat. Burna Boy –  Apple Music Spotify 

Feels- Apple Music Spotify 

Under the Sky – Apple Music Spotify 

Massive shout out to Praiz for the time to chat and the generous use of his music. 

A special thanks to Red Bull for the generous access to their music library and helping this little team bring this podcast to life. 

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