Peach Van Pletzen is a highly skilled musician, producer and mixing engineer who has been expertly trained in the ancient art of legehness. 

With a unique understanding of music and its intricacies, he has excelled both onstage and off, and his acute attention to detail to every project that he’s evolved in, only serves to elevate the polished finished product – whether it’s in Van Pletzen, Yesterday’s Pupil, Bittereinder or his recent online talk show Praating: a 13-episode show that features guests like Stogie T, Jack Parow and The Kiffness, his chats ranges from philosophical conversations to raw, ridiculous banter, where he talks to his guests about death, porn, antidepressants, psychedelics and a bunch of other topics that were clearly too big for TV. 

Nax demands you listen to this podcast.

Outro Song: I’m not a Ballie, I’m a Baller Apple Music

Set List: 

Yesterday’s Pupil – Lines and Colour Apple Music

Yesterday’s Pupil – Down the Line Apple Music

Van Pletzen – Kak Lekke Vibes Apple Music

Bittereinder – Kwaad Naas Apple Music

Bittereinder – Ware Verhaal Apple Music

Bittereinder – Die Dinkdansmasjien Apple Music

Van Pletzen – Goude Apple Music

Van Pletzen – Awaken the Legeh Apple Music

Van Pletzen – Eiland Styl Apple Music

Van Pletzen – Dronk Op Liefde Apple Music 

Van Petzen – Zaberfluten Apple Music


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Texx Talks is recorded at CAYA Creative Studios in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

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