A SAMA-winning blues rock guitarist and singer who has captivated us for almost three decades with his extraordinary skills on electric – but also: acoustic guitars. 


Affectionately called the “South African Hendrix”, this man has packed venues and dominated festival stages, that anyone would have the absolute honour of watching him perform on numerous occasions and we cannot wait to catch one of his rip-roaring shows in the future.


Sit back, turn up the volume and take a trip with Albert Frost as he chats getting compliments from Mick Jagger, how meeting your heroes can sometimes be a let down and some just downright great advice from this evergreen career professional.


Outro Song: Storms are Breaking feat. Arno Carstens – Apple Music


Set List:


The Wake Up – Apple Music

Go Again – Apple Music

I’m Still Here – Apple Music 

Leaving Town – Apple Music 

Together – Apple Music


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