ByLwansta was first featured on Texx and the City back in 2016 with his debut EP “Your Absolutely Right”. Over the course of the last 6 years he’s become known for his biting lyricism and his charismatic flow and his attention to every single detail of the roll out of his last few releases is on a whole other level, worthy of massive praise.

Relating to creative output primarily through colour palates and inanimate objects, they serve to set the scene for a meticulous voyage of self discovery that has culminated in SPIGØNGET (Chapter 3), a study in the seemingly mundane, brought forward in a rich audio joint. t

Outro: WHITEBOARD – SoundCloud

Set List:

ASMR – SoundCloud

Stay Naked – SoundCloud

Funny How – SoundCloud

ESTBLSHD – SoundCloud

Okay Fine – SoundCloud

Lindiwe – YouTube


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