Another over achiever and we bring it back while we bring you the end of yet another season.


Jeremy Loops is a modern folk singer, songwriter and environmental activist who has been crafting feel-good folk-pop for the last decade. 


Underpinned by a consistent work ethic, his high-energy live shows and captivating discography has earned him a legion of dedicated fans all over the world, courtesy of his knack for translating life’s challenges and fears into upbeat anthems. 


From chance encounters with the Rolling Stones to detailing how his early days at university helped shape a work ethic that just refuses to quit, Jeremy has taken his unique brand of positivity to the world stage.


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Outro Song: ‘Til I Find You – Apple Music Spotify YouTube


Set List:


Power – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Dreaming Again – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Gold – Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Mortal Man – Apple Music Spotify YouTube


A massive thanks to Jeremy Loops and Universal South Africa for the generous use of his music in bringing this podcast to life.


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