Leka Djy!

Early B is The United States of Bleomendal’s favourite hip hop son, whose slick rhymes and lekker vibes quickly earned him a place amongst Afrikaans rap’s elite, from the first few bars of his debut video gone viral, “Leka Djy”.  

From his early days starting out as one half of the rap duo Earl & Agemi, to his relationship with Peach and Nax from Van Pletzen, to forming an incredible working relationship with his sister as his manager, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more dynamic, humorous and keen storyteller.

Outro Song: “Ben 10”  Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.


Featured tracks:


“Early B Lockdown Challenge” YouTube

“Leka Djy” Apple Music Spotify Youtube

“Deur Druk” feat. Karen Zoid Apple Music Spotify YouTube

“Dakskroef” Apple Music Spotify YouTube

“Bene Lam” YouTube

“Ben 10”  Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.


A special thanks to Early B and his team for the generous use of the music in bringing this pod to life. 


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