Chasing Suns 

Michael David Rosenberg – better known to all of us as Passenger – is an award-winning, chart topping singer-songwriter who commands the stage and your attention, like few solo acts can and do.

This Brighton-born musician is a master storyteller, seeking out the charming in the seemingly mundane, and spinning songs that remind us of the importance of human interaction in an all too out-of-touch technological world.

With his intimate, folk-inflected sound, this one-man band has built a loyal following, and he chats to us about a recent foul purchase, chasing an endless summer and how commanding a street corner ultimately prepares you to face 65 000 fans.


Outro Song: “Sword From the Stone”  off the new album “Patchwork” 


Featured tracks:

Let Her Go – Apple Music Spotify 

Hearts on Fire featuring Ed Sheeran – Apple Music Spotify


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