Langa Mavuso is an R&B-soul singer-songwriter whose voice conveys a depth of emotion that will take you on a welcome and willing rollercoaster of feels.


His debut album was one of the best albums of 2020, chronicling the beginning, middle and end of a relationship, and expertly tapped into the rawness of pain, healing and the human condition.


From speaking his own truth to translating that and his vision in unique brand collaborations, Langa is at the forefront of making sure his endevours work for the queer comminty writ large, all the while wracking up the streams in the millions. 


Outro Song: next2me – Langa Mavuso and Una Rams – Apple Music


Set List:


Pretend – Apple Music

Love Lost – Apple Music

Love Six – Apple Music

Calamities – Apple Music

Searching – Apple Music

The Wild, the Beast – Apple Music

All of Me – Apple Music


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