While we are cooking away at our new season we are bringing back this gem that really deserves to be heard again.

Sun-El Musician is a producer and DJ who, over the course of the last half-a-decade, has given us some of South Africa’s most beloved dance anthems, and has introduced us to a whole host of vocalists on his rich compositions, that have gone on to become national earworms. 

With his latest, mammoth, 31-track album that fuses traditional and futuristic elements into complete electronic sounds, it serves as a continuation of his debut album and focuses on telling a story of healing, and hope, through dance music.

From his early roots in rural Natal to discovering his love of dance music while at University, the mythos of Sun-El Musician has grown, going above and beyond.


Outro Track: 

Sun-EL Musician feat Claudio x Kenza & Msaki – Chasing The Summer Apple Music Spotify Youtube


Track List:

Simmy – Emakhaya ft Da Capo, Sun-EL Musician Apple Music 

Sun-El Musician – Akanamali (feat. Samthing Soweto) Apple Music 

Sun-El Musician (feat Simmy) – ntabezikude Apple Music 

Sun-EL Musician – Bamthathile ft. Mlindo The Vocalist  YouTube


A huge shout out to El World Music and Sun-El Musican for the generous use of the music, without which, this pod would not be as lekker. 


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