Zoë Modiga is a lady who’s been on our interview bucket list since we first saw her face and heard her voice on TV. There’s something incredibly captivating and unique about the songs that she writes, and coupled with her bold, slick style she’s become a musical force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from an academic family and infused with the very essence of township community, Zoë has embarked on a journey that has seen her tour the world and collaborate with some of the finest musicians of our age, all peppered with a sense of self that inspires calm and reflection in all that encounter her music. 

Outro: Isegazini – Apple Music

Set List:

Open Your eyes – Apple Music

Me – Apple Music

I Wish – Langa Mavuso feat. Zoe Modiga – Apple Music

Fall Down – Apple Music

Umdali – Apple Music

Inganekwane – Apple Music

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