As the frontman of FUZIGISH, one of the best ska punk bands South Africa has ever seen, Jay Bones captained a chaotic ship that tore towns and stages apart wherever they toured and performed. 

Known for their epic, energetic live shows where anything goes, their drunken, middle fingers anthems like “Secret Police”, “Little Bird”, “Crazy Friends” and countless others are still sung by loyal skankers all these years later.

Here he talks to Texx about their origins, the friends, the fights and the tours that served as a backdrop for Fuzigish’s epic story ahead of their new album drop.


Outro Song: MAN DOWN – Apple Music


Set List:

Fat Ska Beatin’ – Apple Music

Scratching – Apple Music

Lonely Skanker – Apple Music

Bombs Away – Apple Music

Blown Away – Apple Music

Upper Hand – Apple Music

Roll with the Punches – Apple Music

Believer – Apple Music


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