DJ Lag is frequently described as a gqom pioneer – helping shape and usher the drum-heavy sound to the forefront of South Africa’s dance music scene. 

Always looking to break new ground, his latest album employs a broader palette fusing amapiano, Afro-house, and Afro-tech – and slowing down a few tracks that he’s seeing as a bit of shift in the genre, calling it gqom 2.0.

From hearing his music in a taxi for the first time, to that first trip up to Johannesburg, to touring the world, DJ Lag seems to have taken it all in his stride, one giant leap at a time. 


Outro Song: DJ LAG feat Babes Wadumo and Mampintsha – Apple Music


Set List:

Let’s Do This – Apple Music 

3 Step Culo – Apple Music

Ice Drop – Apple Music

Portland – Apple Music

Drumming – DJ Lag and Moses Boyd – Apple music

Something Different – Apple Music


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