For our very first episode of Season 10, would could not be more excited to be taking you behind the noise of Africa’s premiere festival with Steyn Entertainment’s and Rocking the Daisies GM, Shannon Valstar and her “right hand” Ashleigh Coetzer, Operations Manager for Rocking the Daisies.

Get a rare peek behind the curtain and see how that festival sausage is made in a very first for Texx Talks, so a huge shout to the entire team at Steyn Entertainment who are the real heroes in your party journey.

Johnnie Walker Rocking the Daisies is set to be a momentous one. This is a revolution for the culture people, as Johnnie Walker has essentially become a brand ally. Johnnie Walker and Rocking the Daisies are Walking Toward the Future and Texx Talks is all about it.

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