The latest venture of SA entertainment website Texx and the City is Texx Talks – a weekly interview-style music podcast hosted by Tecla Ciolfi (Texx and the City’s founder and editor) where musicians share their highs, lows and the secret to their continued successes, in frank, deep-dive discussions.

A joint venture between Texx, producers Jonathan Inggs and Matthew Loots (Unicorn Media) and research assistant Al Clapper, as the popularity of podcasting continues to grow steadily in SA there’s no better time to rise to the need for a solid music podcast. Texx Talks does exactly this.

The Team

Tecla Ciolfi (Texx)

Texx is a huge fan of anything with introspective lyrics and a cowbell and wants you to wash your hands for a good 20 seconds, for the love of god.

Jonathan Inggs

Jon has done the rounds of the South African Music scene and likes nothing more than cold one. One half of the production team.

Matthew Loots

Matt likes making things awesome in all media formats. A house DJ whose love for 80’s music emerges after too much whisky.

Al Clapper
Researcher & Collaborator

Al Clapper is a performing musician – vocalist for androgenius – and a music journalist. Trust him when he says it’s his turn with your aux cable.