Making Your Own Luck

This week we are talking to the front woman for one of the most hardworking live electronic acts in South Africa. 

As the captain of the award-winning, chart-topping ship that is GoodLuck, their debut album gave us a record breaking number of Top 10 singles in South Africa – and their tasty blend of electronica and jazz and pop has seen them carve out a niche for themselves that’s seemingly unstoppable.

From chasing music in the desert to pandemic relief, to getting medical insurers to change their policies, Goodluck make the exceptional, routine, whatever they apply their minds to. 

Outro Song: “What Next?”  Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

Featured tracks:

Back in the Day: Apple Music Spotify YouTube

jacSharp – “Saving Grace”: Apple Music Spotify YouTube

A special thanks to Goodluck for the generous use of their music in bringing this pod to life. 

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